Production week (24th-28th)

24th October

Today we finalised our ideas, creating a call sheet for filming the next day and finishing the script. The final draft of the script was much easier than I originally believed it to be, as we had collectively agreed on what had been filmed.







25th October

Today we began filming at our location, focusing on the beginning and end scenes with the box as this footage would need to be edited for the next day where it would be projected in the Studio at the BFI. The only problems we encountered were making sure no one was in shot, due to members of the public walking through the area, and ensuring that the lighting in the area was good quality, due to it being under a bridge. Due to Sheneil (Our director) acting in the scene, I took on the roll of director for the following scenes, which I enjoyed a lot, while difficult at times as I had to ensure that we were sticking both to the script and what had been planned on the call sheet. It was also our first day working with the Black Magic cameras, which I felt we used effectively, while we had to ensure that there we were people guiding the cameraman due to it’s weight and the need for them to look through the viewfinder, something which could pose as a health and safety risk.

1We edited the footage for the next on premiere pro, which I wasn’t particularly familiar with using however, other members of our group had a lot of experience with the software, making it much easier to work with.



Some photos from the day can be found below:





26th October

We started today by filming in the studio screen at the BFI, creating the final scene in the film. The projector was easy to manage, however it proved a challenge to specifically time the character walking towards the screen and appearing on the screen. We found that the best way around this was by calling out when the character should walk and stop, ensuring that it blended together in time. A problem we experienced when filming was the lighting of the shots, as the studio only featured two light settings for the screen and the audience, both of which where not incredibly bright. While this did have benefits, it meant that the character fully disappeared when close to the screen, it did mean that some shots were found to be too dark to use and so we will have to re-film them.

The second half of the day we were filming with the Bolex / Black magic cameras, specifically focusing on the chase. The only difficulty we had was that the location did have people walking past and coming out of the buildings, and so we had to ensure no one came into shot, for both the sake of the shot and their own safety of being run into. Here are some images from this shoot:

27th October

Today we re-filmed in the Studio, bringing with us flood lights, which we positioned around and controlled using reflectors, due to them being too bright to use normally in a scene. We had to be extremely careful when filming, making sure that we turned off the lights between shots, due to them getting extremely hot, and that the wires were not in the way of where the character was walking. I felt like this was successful, as the shots were more clear while still keeping the darkness in some of the shots. Here are some images from this:

We also filmed the main bulk of the modern day scenes, as well as the modern chase scene. These were quite easy to do, with the only problem that we found with the outcome being the members of the public looking at the camera, which we couldn’t have avoided. Here are some images from this:

28th October

Today we split into two groups, one using there time to film extra scenes to bulk up the modern section of the film, and the second (which I was part of) recording foley sound with a boom mic. I didn’t have any experience with a boom mic before this, and so I felt it went pretty well considering. We specifically went for crowd sounds, which we could put very quietly in the background of the film.










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