Screening of Born In Flames plus Masterclass Q&A with Lizzie Borden

Today we got to watch the film ‘Born In Flames’, a 1983 documentary style feminist science-fiction film that explored various issues, that are still very relevant to today’s society, following a fictional rebellious feminist group in a socialist democracy. The film was extremely relevant and used experimental techniques to create an extremely unique viewing experience. When I watched it, at times the documentary nature / found footage style that it was filmed in made it hard to understand if the events were fictional or not, a detail which we learned in a post qna with Lizzie Borden was particularly because the film’s plot was controlled a lot by the actors themselves with some parts being scripted and others being completely real. An example of this is numerous riots where some of them where scripted, although members of the public attempted to join in, and others were real riots which the actors simply joined. At times the visuals would take on an almost montage approach, which I felt was really effective in making the audience think but also developing the idea of how the society worked, and how crowded it could be at times. I would like to watch it again at some point, specifically for this reason as I feel that I would appreciate it even more on a second viewing.


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