Use of Sound in film

Today we got to have a talk given to us by Dr Vasco Hexel, the area leader in composition for screen at the Royal College of Music. He talked to us about the importance of musical composition in film and the effect it has on both the mood of the scene and the audience itself. Some of the examples he showed us included films / television which has soundtracks specifically composed for them, something, which I think is important to bear in mind in the future as using music that has not been exclusively made for a film could lead to copyright, not allowing it to be used at all.

We were also given a talk by Dave Darch, a DJ who explained to us the job of the sound/music designer, which involves looking closely into scenes, thinking about what sounds would sound realistic to what’s going on, while think about the mood that it makes. It’s also important to make your choices of sound as clear as possible, to make it easy for the audience to understand. He also showed us the ipad app Thumbjam, a much more simple way of creating music if you don’t have any experience with this in the past. I found this really interesting and useful, due to having worked on music composition software in the past myself.


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