16mm filmmaking workshop at no.w.here Lab

Today we experimented with 16mm film using Bolex cameras at the no.w.here lab, the location where James Holcombe worked on his film ‘Tyburnia’. The group I was in didn’t necessarily try to create a narrative with what we filmed and instead mainly worked on developing and trying out various techniques and shots. I personally experimented with lens whacking, the process in which you remove the lens from the camera and moves it away and towards the camera, distorting the image in front. I am pretty doubtful that the effect will work on the film, because I feel we may have let too much light in when taking off the lens. While I enjoyed the day, it did remind me the importance of planning ahead as at times we were very disorganized and were throwing around ideas, which if we were filming an actual film, wouldn’t be good. Having said this, I felt that we worked together very well as we had similar ideas of what kind of film we wanted to make. I think also, in the context of this being the first time filming on the course and our first time using Bolex cameras, our individual excitement to experiment and film really boosted the enjoyment of film for all of us.


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