Tega Okiti talk on “Black Star”

Today we met the other two tutors on the course (Emily Bailey and Edwin Mingard) and we were able to receive a talk from Tega Okiti, the project coordinator for various events including the BFI Blackstar season.

She studied English Literature and film at uni, due to her interest in film and writing, and afterwards got an internship at the press department for the BFI film festival, making her more interested in working with events. This has allowed her to learn organisation skills through her various internships and event coordinator rolls at the BFI. We were also recommended many films which are part of the season and the film festival, one of which was the film ‘Restless City’ which used coloured lighting and little dialogue to create a really interesting / unique mood for the film.

I found the talk really interesting and it made me think after about what Black actors I have really enjoyed seeing on screen, with actors like Laurence Fishburne and Naomi Harris coming to mind. It also reminded me of the lack of representation for actors of other races in film, something which I hope to keep in mind, especially when writing any scripts in the future.

Here are some photos from the talk.


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